The foundation of all great brands is trust

Customers trust your brand when their experience consistently meet and exceed their expectations. Meet our team who will work to ensure that your brand will be builded with a strong relationship based on trust with your audience across all interaction points.

Helmy Giacoman
Backend/Frontend Developer

I'm a Computer Engineer from Nicaragua. I love projects that challenge me to learn new stuff. I like to develop interesting apps and beautiful websites and I do it well. With a strong experience in a wide variety of languages and frameworks, there is no big or small challenge for me. Open source rocks, so I like to spend time writing code and contributing in many projects.

Besides coding, I like to play football and enjoy the awesomeness of great computer games.

The End!
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Adolfo Fitoria
Backend Developer

Born in Managua, Nicaragua at the end of the 20th century to make the best applications for the 21st and beyond. I love solving problems with a text editor and compiler. I enjoy to create applications that look elegant from the ground up, with efficiency as a top priority. I've contributed to many open source projects and keep doing it on my free time.

Other than coding I love to make noise with my guitar and trying to conquer the world in my head while I drive.
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Robin Márquez
Web/Mobile designer

I'm a 27 years old Computer Engineer and Web Designer from Nicaragua. I love everything that has to do with Web Design, iOS Design, UI, UX and Illustration. I have more than 5 years experience on office based jobs and freelance. I’m master of common graphic tools.

I have a lot of experience ensuring high-quality visual designs—from concept to execution—including those for desktop, web and mobile devices.
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Oliver Gomez
Customer relationship manager

Hi I'm Journalist, with more than 15 years of international news and branding experience. I'm specialized in social communication, marketing and web content management. I'm passionate about the efficient management of web content services.

I love soccer and enjoy a good cup of coffee . My work involves the design and implementation of integrated optimization platforms from web content and web traffic flow strategies. These projects are supported by the web design and programming team.
Victor Van Den Brink
Junior Designer

I'm a Graphic Design student born in Nicaragua, from a half dutch half Nicaraguan family. Since I was a little boy I was passionate for drawing and design elements. I joined to this amazing team to learn more and more every single day.

I'm a football fan boy since I remember and of course my favourite team is Netherlands.
Byron Corrales
Frontend Developer

I am a System Engineer, living in Managua Nicaragua and working on the web. I spend my time creating cool projects using opensource with a great team in Kronoscode. I usually work as frontend developer, but I also enjoy to be part of the designing process of the UI ideas. In my work I'm always concerned about usability standards and user requirements.

My experience is based on the work with NGO's, companies, government projects and newspapers. I really enjoy when users make the projects I created part of their lives.
+505 8663 5944
Oscar Cortéz
Junior Developer

I'm a 20 years old System Engineer student from Nicaragua. I'm a passionated and evangelist of the free software and open sources tools. GNU/Linux user since my birth. Lover of Ruby on Rails, Coffescript and Django.

I want to create powerful apps for the web, mobile and desktop based in a potent backend, with a sutil front end living in a robust cloud.
Jerónimo Martínez
Backend Developer

Jerónimo Martinez is a systems engineer from the National University of Engineering in Nicaragua. He worked as a web developer for 8 years for private companies in Managua. Jerónimo has experience developing web applications using different frameworks, databases and languages ​​such as Ruby, Python, PHP, Java, Flask, Sinatra, Zend Framework, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL.

Jerónimo has also developed web applications integrating payment services like Cybersource, Authorize, Cardinal Commerce and Firstdata. In addition Jerónimo is also a linux/freebsd systems administrator with knowledge and skills in virtualization, configuration management using cfengine, puppet, shell programming, and system monitoring using tools like Nagios, Zenoss, SNMP. He has been using Linux since 2001, including linux distributions such as Slackware, Debian, SuSE, FreeBSD, and Solaris.